The Feed: When YouTube Jokes Lead to Jail

YouTube Joke to Jail Time: Yikes, what was meant to be a “funny” video has turned into a jail sentence for 21-year-old Michigan musician Evan Emory. Emory edited a video to make it look like he was singing a sexually explicit song to room full of elementary school students. While the students were not ever actually exposed to said sexy-time song (at least not on account of Emory), and even though Emory had posted a disclaimer on YouTube stating this, he is still being sentenced to 60 days in jail and two years probation, 200 hours of community service, mandatory counseling and fines and costs. That was way harsh. Hypervocal


Another Facebook Feature Misstep: Apparently there is a new feature, which I didn’t even notice because I don’t pay attention to my FB very closely, called “Previous Status Updates.” It shows you some of past status updates that are somehow noteworthy, you know, just for fun!  One woman is upset because she’s now haunted by updates from a particularly awful period of her life when family members and even some pets died. What a dumb feature. Status updates are annoying in the first place, so why would you want to see old status updates pop up on for FB page? More useless information being recirculated and regurgitated on Facebook. It’s like the subprime mortgage industry but for pointless drivel. The Consumerist


Tumblr of the Day: Here’s a tumblr for people who hate tumblr! Worth a thousand words…a photoblog


Facebook Not a Fan of Courbet: Granted that it may not be the most tasteful thing to have a surrealist painting of a vagina as your profile pic, it should still be allowed, right? People do plenty of offensive things on Facebook.  However, it looks like FB doesn’t agree and has disabled at least three users’ accounts who had posted the famous Gustave Courbet painting The Origin of the World. Gawker

*Because the Courbet offended some of our readers, we have removed the image and are giving you this link instead. I guess Facebook was on to something…but it’s just a painting everyone.

Video of the Day: Group of guys use internet meme speak in real life to hit on girls. Watch the awkwardness. They actually get some girls’ numbers. Wow.

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