The Feed: The New Yorker Trolls for Likes

Everyone Just Wants to Be “Liked”: The New Yorker is testing out the Facebook Page game; in order to increase engagement, the esteemed publication is offering normally paywall-protected content on its FB page—the catch is you have to “like” their page in order to access the content, which is available for a limited time after. This week they used a Jonathan Franzen piece  (quintessential New Yorker stuff) to lure FB users. Not sure how I feel about this. I mean if I didn’t have a subscription to the New Yorker, I guess I wouldn’t care that I was being coerced into “liking” their FB page. Anything to get around a paywall right? But still, coming from the New Yorker, this “like-gating” marketing doesn’t feels a little wrong. Poynter

Cuteness of the Day: Take a chance on Cute Roulette. The only nudity you risk seeing here is the occasional puppy belly.


Distraction of the Day: Better Book Titles


Metatech: We told you about the invention that makes texting easier well now there’s something to make tweeting easier! It’s a website called That can be my next tweet, and it “generates your future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.” Tweets have DNA? Putting together 140 characters or less needs to be made easier?


Memo From MTV: MTV was not very happy with my “snarky and dismissive” coverage of the MTV O Music Awards yesterday. MTV wanted us to take down the post until we became more “well rounded.” You know what, maybe I judged the mysterious O Music Awards too quickly. I probably should have criticized what everyone else criticizes MTV for: not playing good music (or any music) anymore, and filling America’s cultural dumpster with even more reality TV junk with shows like 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and Real World. Yes, the Real World is still on air in its 19th season. A long time ago it was interesting and provocative, today it’s set in Vegas again. It’s full of the typical alcohol-fueled drama that the reality genre has peddled for what seems like my entire life. No thanks.

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