The Feed: MTV’s Mysterious O

Keeping Up With the Kids: MTV is launching the MTV O Music Awards to honor the world of online music and the artists and techies who keep it going, but really this is an effort recapture their target audience: millennials, the Net Generation, you know, young people who grew up with the interweb. What does the “O” stand for? “The O in O Music Awards has been purposely left open to interpretation to generate a reaction and spur conversation, and can stand for any myriad of words that the audience can choose from that captures the essence of the show in their minds such as open, ongoing, online among countless others,” MTV said in a statement. Oh wow, how creative and engaging. Give me a break, it’s another annoying awards show that is even more annoying because it’s trying to be something other than a marketing ploy. Maybe just stick to stuff like Skins, MTV.  Wired


MacBurglar Fail: Wrong a teen tech entrepreneur and beware the viral vengeance that will come your way. A thief stole a Macbook Air from Mark Bao, an 18-year old entrepreneur and nonprofit founder who is CEO of at least six companies. Boa realized he could remotely access his stolen computer’s browser and discovered that the thief had already taken pictures and recorded a video on the stolen device. Boa’s next step? Not to call the police, but to publicly humiliate the dancing thief by posting his video on YouTube. And guess what? It worked. The thoroughly shamed robber turned in the Macbook and pleaded that the video be taken off the net. Good luck with that one. Once on the Internet, forever on the Internet. BetaBeat



Tumblr of the Day: Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes. A simple premise, creepy every time.


Before the Internet: The term “meme” is one we are all familiar with today, and which brings to mind such (annoying) things as lolcats, Vanessa Black, Star Wars kid, etc. But before there was Internet — I know, try your best to remember that far back — there were different kinds of memes. Check it out, 7 memes that went viral before the Internet Existed.  Cracked


Facebook Follies: Somehow a 30-year-old man “tricked” another man into committing statutory rape against a 16-year old girl. Oh, and he filmed it, so he is also being charged with child pornography. Naturally, Facebook was the means by which this was all orchestrated.  Gawker

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