The Feed: Does the World Need Social Expressionistas?

Ladies Online: Here is another entry into the pantheon of annoying made-up digital personas: “social expressionistas.” The term refers to ladies who like to chat about and share their favorite products and brands via social networking sites. We can thank AOL and Bovitz Research Group for this term. In a recent study, they broke the online female population down into several identity segments based on their values, habits and characteristics. According to their findings, social expressionistas make up 8 percent of the online female population. AOL didn’t stop with “expressionista” in making up corny terms. There are more: shopsessives (7 percent), businesswireds (15 percent) and alpha trendsetters (13 percent). Social expressionistas are the key demographic for marketers because they are the most communicative online. You know, the chatty woman thing reborn. Are you a social expressionista? I certainly am not. eMarketer


Hide Your Tracks: Facebook has added a new feature that lets you hide your recent activity from other users. So if you don’t want people to see that you RSVP’ed to a screening of the last Harry Potter movie or whatever sketchy stuff it is that you are doing on Facebook, or if you are just a normal human being and don’t want everyone to see what you are doing all of the time, then this is a feature you need to start using.  All Facebook


Don’t Piss Off Steve: Steve Jobs can be mean, if you didn’t know. He had some choice words for the team behind MobileMe, the failed Apple email system. To the guilty team members, Steve Jobs apparently said, “You’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation … You should hate each other for having let each other down … Mossberg, our friend, is no longer writing good things about us.” Ouch. Wonder if anyone cried. Business Insider


Video of the Day: You have probably seen this already, but just in case; a home video of Bin Laden watching TV.



Website of the Day: For all you Japanophiles who like all things cute, weird, bizarre and totally Japanese, this is a good place to start. Japan Probe. You can find things like this:


mini jprobe by heiseighore

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