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Stalker Tools: Why, why, why would anyone develop this app? Aptly named software package Creepy is a “geolocation information aggregator.” What that means is that you can enter in someone’s Twitter of Flickr username and Creepy collects every photo or tweet associated with that account, including the date and location of each of these published bits. This is really scary; it would make things way too easy for the Hedy Carlson’s and Swimfan’s of the world. On the bright side, I do see great potential here for a new Law & Order: SVU episode. So thanks for that Creepy. thinq


WikiLeaks Gets Leaked: A DJ in Reykjavik, Iceland caught a certain sketchy looking Australian getting loose on the dance floor and of course shared the video on YouTube. urlesque



Vintage Finds: Oh yes, the good old days, which I’m not old enough to remember, when transportable cellular phones were big, black bricks. Check out this collection of throwback cell phone commercials. Mashable


Modern Bride: Remember how we told you about 2 For Life’s “Royal Wedding 2011” app? Well, those of you who have purchased that app will be happy to know (or probably already know) that the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Williams and Kate Middleton will be streamed live, and, wait for it…the wedding soundtrack will be available on iTunes! It will be a truly multimedia affair. How romantic. April 29, 2011. Save the date. NYT


Tumblr of the Day: Nerdology (n) – a study of people and objects that make the kingdom of nerd fun and exciting. From robots and lasers to incredible Star Trek gift sets.

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