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SEO Strat: Someone wasn’t wearing their reading glasses when choosing their website names. Although, I’m sure Mole Station Nursery’s website gets a lot more page views than they expected. Boing Boing


Unnecessary Twitter Accounts: Sorry everyone, but I hate Twitter. I get that everyone is bored and stuff, and that the Internet and social media offer all kinds of outlets for this boredom. But please don’t spend your free time making stupid fake Twitter accounts like the one for the recently escaped Bronx Zoo cobra, @bronxzooscobra. What’s worse? People, including Mayor Bloomberg and Ellen De Generes, are actually following and engaging with @bronxzooscobra. Ugh. Now that the snake was recovered, let’s hope this account (and others like it) fade to black.  The Celebrity Cafe


Modern Ailments: Have you noticed that your preteen, tween, or teen has no interest in former hobbies or social activities, or that he or she is has different sleeping or eating patterns? Does your child seem to have lost all hope? Does he or she spend time on social networks sites? Then your child could be suffering from Facebook Depression. HuffPo


WWHD (What would Hemingway do)?: Ernest Hemingway would probably not qualify for Yelp Elite status. McSweeney’s


Pic of the Day: You like us, you really like us! Thanks to the folks at PubMatic for making us these tee’s. I know I got upset about the heart symbol in the OED and the “verb” “to heart,” but this is on a T-shirt, which is pretty much the only place that it’s acceptable. So thanks!

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