SpotX, Klaviyo and Flip-Pay are Digiday Technology Awards winners

digiday technology awards

Monetization and marketing are only as good as the technology platforms that fuel them. This year’s Digiday Technology Awards winners played foundational roles in enabling media companies and marketers to earn money from their content, reach their audiences and make the most of digital real estate.

Successful brands and publishers turned to this year’s winners to reach their audiences where they were actively consuming content, to increase lifetime value and to serve them with the assets that were likeliest to lead to conversions and upselling. With the right technology partners, brands and media companies were able to make well-informed decisions about everything from what their content should look like to when their assets should be served — and base those decisions on hard data.

The minds behind the content still reigned supreme when it came to ideation and strategy — but it was the technology provided by this year’s winners that gave them all the guidance and information they needed. 

Winners include:

SpotX — Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform: With high-profile clients such as A+E Networks, The CW Network and Discovery, SpotX enabled its media partners to monetize content across all screens and streams while providing advertisers with direct access to brand-safe inventory. The platform served as a one-stop programmatic destination, where advertisers could buy live and video-on-demand OTT inventory across multiple platforms and devices. The minds at SpotX’s media partners may have created the content — but it was SpotX that spun it into gold. 

Klaviyo —  Best Personalization and A/B Testing Platform: Klaviyo, an e-commerce platform used by more than 40,000 major brands such as Unilever and Kopari Beauty, is designed to accelerate revenue for online businesses using client-owned channels such as email, mobile web and SMS. Klaviyo also empowered clients to take a data-driven look at customer behaviors such as products viewed, purchases and other engagement signals. Klaviyo has now emerged as a leading champion of owned marketing, helping clients connect with their customers on a deeply personalized level — and always on the brands’ own platforms. 

Flip-Pay —  Best Subscription Platform: Flip-Pay, a content monetization tool for digital publishers working in the news, podcast and streaming video industries, arrived at its current mission through a 2018 research and development project, which concluded that identity management was the prime culprit in countless failed attempts related to payments for content on publishers’ sites. Flip-Pay created a cloud-based platform enabling publishers to create bundles and products for attracting new audience segments quickly — all at a lower cost than traditional paywalls. Ultimately, Flip-Pay has proved its hypothesis: More consumers would pay for content the instant that transacting became easier.  

Explore all the winners of the 2020 Digiday Technology Awards below. In each section, you’ll find a quick rundown of the campaigns, along with insights into why they won and what we can learn from them. You can also download the full guide here.

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