Spotlight on Mobile : Mogreet

Mogreet  is a mobile video platform boasting a network of 200 million mobile phone users. Mogreet’s creative use of video display and the strong metrics behind mobile video advertising have landed the company in the DIGIDAY : DATA spotlight. CEO James Citron spoke to Data about his company and the data-driven mobile marketing industry.

Q:  What’s happening in mobile marketing right now, and how are consumer metrics being put to use to enhance ROI?

Three major trends are happening;

A Surge in Mobile Video: There’s an unprecedented & absolute demand for mobile video. Consumers want and expect rich content anytime, anywhere, including on their mobile phones and tablets.

MMS Growth:  Through the use of bundled message plans (where MMS is charged the same as SMS), businesses are increasingly opting to deliver mobile messages using MMS (“multimedia messaging”). Marketers are experiencing higher response rates and ROI from messages that include visuals, sounds and motion, and MMS as a marketing platform is experiencing the hyperbolic growth rates that SMS did a few years ago.

Personalized Marketing:  CRM initiatives are extending to mobile, requiring new best practices in data collection, segmentation and personalized messaging to mobile audiences. Given the intimacy of one’s mobile phone number, we’re seeing a trend in highly-personalized marketing efforts, which tailor messages to a consumer on many variables including handset type, location, behavior and interests.

Q:  What elements of the mobile marketing industry are not going to change, regardless of the economy, consumer privacy initiatives, or other variables?

Mobile Marketing: The mobile marketing industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. During 2010 mobile ad spending increased 79% to $743 million compared to the year before. In 2011, mobile ad spending is expected to hit over $1.1 billion. This won’t stop.

Mobile is a Requirement, not an Option: Choosing to participate in mobile is no longer an option for many businesses; it’s a requirement for success and competitive survival. For example, if you don’t have a mobile messaging program to connect with your audience, you are missing a vital channel of customer communication. As oversaturation in email communication reaches its threshold (probably not far away!), companies must have a mobile messaging program in place or risk losing the ability to directly communicate with their audience.

Mobile is Integrated (aka Not Just an App): As a good friend likes to opine “Apps are crap” and led many marketers astray as they thought creating an iPhone application enabled them to do “mobile marketing.” We’ve now see far more integrated and strategic mobile initiatives that integrate mobile as the connective tissue across multi-channel marketing efforts.

Q. What does your company bring to the table?

Mogreet offers a powerful platform for seamless delivery of video, images, audio and text messages to nearly any mobile phone – more than 7,100 unique mobile devices in over 170 countries, reaching a total market of more than 1 billion consumers globally.

Some of the proprietary features of the Mogreet platform include;

The largest MMS reach of any company in this industry  (250MM Americans)

Our Smart ™Messaging Platform that delivers messages to individual consumers based on their interests, behavior, location, handset, etc.

A Mobile CRM platform that collects, segments and manages mobile databases for marketers

Real-time video and content transcoding of any content for mobile

Our Video Ad Server that enables the insertion of targeted ads and the delivery of a customer’s messaging

High Throughput Availability- Mogreet can deliver the highest capacity of MMS messages in the industry enabling high volume campaigns

Real-time customer and marketing campaign analytics 

Q:  Any case studies?

Super Bowl Campaign:

During a 2-week Super Bowl promotion using only mobile and social media, Steve Madden was able to grow its mobile database by 12% (10,000+ opt-ins), with a <$.50/Acquisition Cost. Boasting an average mobile purchase order of $80, the ROI of this campaign is an astounding 900%.

Q4 Holiday Mobile Coupon Campaign:

One of Mogreet’s retail customers ran a Holiday digital coupon delivered via email and mobile messaging. The redemption rates were 9x higher for mobile messaging over e-mail.

CBS Atlanta:

CBS recently began offering MMS breakings news, weather and traffic video alerts to their audience activated on local television, online and mobile web.

We’re watching opt-ins grow daily. Mobile will continue to grow and creative video ad formats, merged with real-time analytics, will feed that growth.

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