Share Your Pregnancy on Facebook

FB Overshare: Once again Facebook is adding a new feature that helps people overshare even more personal information. If you are an expecting parent, Facebook has now added an “expected child” form, which can found be in the Family Members section of your profile. The new feature lets you specify the baby-to-be’s name and due date. Creepy. Also, you know how if you use the “relationship status” feature, if you change your status, it is announced to the world that you are “no longer listed as in a relationship” (as if you needed a breakup to be publicized and rubbed in your and your ex’s faces even more)? Well, extend that to this new feature: imagine if expecting parents were no longer expecting. Why would they want that tragic and private situation posted on all of their friends’ newsfeeds? Although in this day and age of oversharing (remember the couple who live tweeted the birth of their new baby?) you never know. I guess some couples might like the online support and encouragement from their friends and family during any and all personal experiences, the happy and the sad ones. VentureBeat

Have a Social Stay: A hotel in Ibiza, Europe’s summer party central, wants to help you partake in the festivities while staying social, on Facebook that is. The Ushuaia Beach Hotel is just launched a Radio-frequency identification campaign that lets guests tag photos, check in to locations on Facebook Places and share their party vacation experiences without needing to have a computer or phone around with them all of the time. All that guests have to do is wear a wristband that the hotel provides, which they then just have to synch to their Facebook profiles. Guests can swipe their wristbands at various RFID spots that the hotel has set up around the resort. The hotel sees this as a way to help guests stay connected and is kind of like free social media advertising. I don’t know about you, but my idea of a fun vacation doesn’t involve geotagging and FB status updates. TNW

Stalk Your Kids: Are you a nosy worrywart of a parent who doesn’t trust your kid being out there in the big, scary world? Worry no more because there is a new monitoring app from Location Labs that lets you stalk your child via smartphone activity. Just install the app on your kid’s phone and then let the stalking begin! The app lets you tell if they are actually where they say they are by checking their GPS coordinates, and you can even read their texts and see the pics they sending their friends (hopefully they learned something from Anthony Weiner). This all seems totally normal and not in violation of any constitutional rights or anything. Forbes

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