P&G Crest and Starcom MediaVest Contend for Top Contextual Ad

Vibrant Media Branded Content: P&G Crest and MediaVest are using the power of contextual advertising to drive results. Click here and cast your vote for the winners of the 4th Annual Vibrant Awards, which recognize the best in contextual advertising. Voting must be completed by Oct. 27 for your selection to count.

Crest Turns Teeth-Whitening from a “Have-To” to a “Must-Do” with Dynamic Creative

Client/Agency: P&G Crest/MediaVest

Campaign: Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express WhiteStrips

Campaign objective: Crest sought to engage and educate its target audience of health and beauty conscious women about Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips.

Contextual Strategy: Last minute party or date? No problem. With this new innovation you can have white teeth in just 2 hours. The campaign was contextually targeted across 10 different content categories within beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and health web content. The creative changed dynamically to address critical “white-teeth life moments” such as job interviews, your wedding day and hot dates. It also highlighted two hour long activities during which you could whiten your teeth during, like yoga or a road trip.

Creative Execution: Vibrant and MediaVest created in-text and display ad creative that dynamically changed based on the keyword or subject of the article. For example, an ad appearing within a wedding planning article would dynamically change to “Hey Brides! There’s still time to obtain a perfect smile.”



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