Ogilvy’s Lauren Crampsie’s Must-Follows

Each week we ask industry executives to explain how they use the social network and then put them on the spot by highlighting five must-follows on Twitter. Last week, KBS+P’s Darren Herman gave his suggestions, including Lauren Crampsie. This week, Lauren Crampsie, worldwide chief marketing officer at Ogilvy & Mather, continues the chain and gives her recommendations. Follow Lauren on Twitter @lcrampsie.

I use Twitter because every single person, brand and media outlet I follow makes me smarter.

Kristin Maverick: @kmaverick
Like any relationship, it’s always helpful to follow people who have similar interests to your own. Kristin and I share a fond love for “Glee,” Broadway musicals, Lana Del Rey and @darrencriss. But aside from that, she’s one of the brightest and funniest young minds in advertising, and as the director of earned media at Barbarian Group, she’s constantly tweeting links worth reading and sharing.

Tristan Walker: @tristanwalker
If you haven’t heard of Tristan Walker, you’ve probably never checked in, read a tip, or unlocked a badge on @Foursquare. Tristan is one of the top brains behind the company (I refuse to call it a “hot startup”) as its director of business development and one of the best biz dev guys I know. On Twitter, I’m one of his 281,000 followers mainly because his feed mixes tech, advertising, fashion and sports in a way no one else can.

Chapin Clark: @chapinc
On a good day, I fancy myself to be fairly sarcastic and Chapin is my cynical touchstone. I have never not laughed out loud at one of his tweets; they never, ever disappoint and often make me smile in the midst of a chaotic work day. You can also find his brilliant tweeting skills at @RGA where he is a managing director of, what else, copywriting.

Women’s Wear Daily: @womensweardaily
Women’s Wear Daily is my fashion bible. They do an incredible job of merging fashion retail and business news with the latest collections from the runway. I follow many fashion bloggers, as well, but WWD is always my go-to.

Jason Lotkowictz: @jasonlotkowictz
He’s not just my husband, he’s also the director of ad sales at @vitalscom, an insert-select-adjective-here startup, that’s changing the way we find and evaluate doctors. I made the very clever decision of marrying a man much smarter than me so I count on his tweets to keep me up to date on everything tech, digital media and healthcare 2.0.

If @ischafer, CEO of @deepfocus, wasn’t a diehard NY Giants fan, he’d make this list too. Sorry, Ian.


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