MySpace Ahead of Its Time? Highlights from DPS

The first full day at Digiday’s Digital Publishing Summit in Bonita Springs, FL has been a lively one. Publishers and brands alike have gathered to discuss the current state of digital publishing and its future, covering topics like the importance of data mining to the publisher, the role of GRPs, digital publishing in a multiplatform era and more. Here are some notable quotes from the day:

“People who think video will be like display will be left behind.” – Jason Krebs, svo and CMO, Tremor Video

“[Mobile traffic] is a net loss for us until we figure it out.” – Dan Hickey, svp digital engagement, Meredith

“We focus on MVU’s most valuable unique users. Publishers should focus on loyal users, not one-and-done search hits.” – Rob Grady, COO Wetpaint

“Publishers know they need to embrace automated buying but are hesitant. It’s like me in my 40s. I know I need to go back to the gym. I’m hoping it won’t take the doctor telling me my cholesterol is too high to get me to go.” — Kirk McDonald, president, Pubmatic

“MySpace was both shit and ahead of its time.” – Matt Barash, vp audience monetization, Forbes

“Wide aperture edit gets audiences to sample. Narrow aperture edit drives audience loyalty.” – Jim Spanfeller, CEO Spanfeller Group

“We need to do a better job with marketers telling them why the GRP is a lazy metric.” – Barry Lowenthal, CEO, Media Kitchen

“Content is king, but data isn’t far behind.” – Dan Hickey, svp digital engagement, Meredith

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