My So-Called Digilife

MTV Knows Millennials: MTV has become more and more focused on attracting and maintaining a younger audience (with shows like Skins and 16 and Pregnant). The brand has an incredibly strong social media presence — MTV was Facebook's number one fastest-growing brand last year — and used that to further get to know their audience in a recent study on the digital habits of millennials. In this AdAge article, Nick Shore, senior VP-strategic consumer insights and research at MTV, shares some key findings from the study. The findings are not surprising — like the fact that millennials are obsessed with being connected at all times and expect constant feedback, that millennials are experts at self-editing their online selves, that millennials are used to so many forms of digital communication and have developed etiquette for these various modes of communication — but they are kind of depressing. They make my generation sound like pathetic, insecure and self-absorbed Internet addicts. AdAge

Twitter Governance: Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is using Twitter to govern his country while he receives cancer treatment in Cuba. He has done everything from approve a budget for a trash collection program to cheer on his country’s football team. You can follow him here: @chavezcandanga. Guardian

There’s an App for That: In the wake of the Murdoch phone hacking scandal, there is now a Google Chrome browser add-on available that blocks all Murdoch-controlled sites. It’s called Murdoch Block, and it gives users a warning every time they attempt to load any of the over 100 Murdoch-controlled sites. Straight

Video of the Day: This guy recites Shakespeare as 25 different celebrities. Random but cool.

Tumblr of the Day: Can’t live with them, can’t live with out them? Clients From Hell

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