Millward Brown on Decoding Brand Equity

Research agency Millward Brown and data integration and analytics company Kantar Shopcom today announced a partnership that will use data from Kantar’s 80 million-member database on shopper loyalty-card holders in conjunction with Millward Brown’s brand-equity surveys to provide marketers with an array of insights into consumer preferences and shopping behavior. The data will be merged into a database of about 250,000 people that marketers can used to conduct cross-media analytics.

“By linking sales data at the respondent level to actual exposure to trade, FSI, TV and online, we are able to empirically demonstrate the contribution of each effort at penetration and which combinations are most effective at building brand strength,” said Ann Green, senior partner for client solutions at Millward Brown. “We also can see which combinations are most effective at generating household reach, sales volume and revenue that is contributed to the bottom line.”
According to Millward Brown, the partnership will allow marketers to track how shifts in brand equity result in changes in actual purchase behaviors and understand the contribution of digital campaigns to offline sales.