Jeep-Maxus Dynamic Weather Unit Competes For Contextual Ad Award

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Jeep Delivers Live, Local Weather Reports to Urban Drivers During England’s Deep Freeze

Client/Agency: Jeep/Maxus

Campaign: Jeep Dynamic Weather Unit

Campaign objective: To reach aspiring Jeep drivers and sell its target goal of new Compact Jeep Patriots before the end of 2010.

Contextual Strategy: December 2010 in the UK was the coldest December in 100 years. Heavy snow caused travel delays and dangerous driving conditions. To promote the Patriot as the vehicle to tackle and enjoy these extreme weather conditions, Jeep delivered an in-text media first, offering live weather reports and illustrating that Jeep drivers were not only prepared for the harsh weather, but were also excited to face it head on with the Jeep Patriots off-road capabilities.

Creative Execution: The creative delivered dynamic copy and geo-targeted weather reports to position the Jeep Patriot as a vehicle that welcomed the difficult driving conditions. For example, if the weather report was snow, the creative read: “Oh Hello Snow: I’d been hoping you’d stop by;” for rainy conditions: “Downpour: You are the most perfect driving condition.” And if the weather is actually fine or sunny, a teaser call: “Bad Weather: Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

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