Digital Video Grows Up

Digital video has had quite the growth spurt. Last year, online video accounted for half of all Internet traffic, according to Cisco, and it expects global online viewership to double by 2015. More and more, consumers are consuming online video everywhere — at home in front of connected televisions, on their tablets and on the go via expanding mobile phone screens.

Now that online video is no longer broadcast and cable TV’s kid brother, marketers that exclude it risk falling behind the competition. YouTube, Hulu and the Wall Street Journal are already leading a pack of ever-widening video producers and distribution channels. Now, advertisers and their agencies must grapple with how to incorporate video into their marketing strategies.

The Digiday Video Conference, Nov. 13 in New York, will examine the theme of “The Multi-Screen Paradigm.” Digiday is bringing together top names in the industry to discuss this theme and its underlying issues. Some of the highlights from the agenda include:

  • Janet Balis, publisher of The Huffington Post, will discuss the recent launch of HuffPo Live and the challenges and opportunities the publisher sees in online video.
  • Zenith’s James Kiernan presents the buy-side view of the market, while Funny Or Die’s Ed Wise will highlight the seller’s perspective on online video.
  • Hill Holliday’s Mike Proulx will explain why TV is more about the experience and the content than the physical television set.
  • Bloomberg’s Paul Maya and WSJ’s Rahul Chopra will explain how they evaluate which platforms to test — and determine whether these strategies are working.

At the Digiday Video Conference, we won’t bore you with panel after panel; instead, we’ll allow you to eavesdrop on the conversations happening between our speakers and moderators. We’ll experiment with new formats, highlighting case studies that show how brands are incorporating unique ideas into their digital strategies.

We invite you to attend this one-day event where you will hear from executives who are navigating this quickly changing landscape. Attendees will have a chance to ask their most pressing questions and get answers from major marketers and innovators. We hope to see you there. More information is available at the Digiday Video Conference site.

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