Digiday’s Best of the Week: Ban Slideshows

Wondering if you need more slideshows? Chris Johanesen of Buzzfeed says no. Want to make sure you’re ahead in digital? Look at what PBS Digital Studios is doing. This week’s top stories centered around publishers figuring out digital media, and of course, the Cannes Lions.

1. Why Publishers Should Ban Slideshows
Buzzfeed’s vp of product Chris Johanesen makes an expert case for why slideshows are only a superficial benefit for publishers. When publishers forgo usability and think of their readers as pageviews, not potential content promoters, they lose.

2. How PBS Won at Digital
Everyone’s favorite public broadcasting station is moving to online video with hope that they can serve the American public on demand. Though the station is running pre-roll ads, PBS still isn’t making very much in its quest to attract a younger audience.

3. Ways Not to Be a Douche at Cannes
Did you misplace your rosé at Cannes and then pass out on the sidewalk? This was a list of things to be conscious of at Cannes so that you didn’t look like a douche.

4. Has Mobile Advertising Failed?
As platforms like Twitter introduce native advertisements that don’t differentiate between mobile and desktop, publishers are looking to follow suit. By not building out separate mobile-specific advertisements, publishers can deliver both mobile and desktop at the same time.

5. Publishers’ Talent Woes
Publishers are experiencing a shortage of sales talent as digital media keeps moving forward. The case might be that top talent is relocating to large tech companies like Google and LinkedIn.

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