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Museum of Me: Take a trip down memory lane and through a virtual museum exhibit about yourself in the new viral sensation The Museum of Me. This new app from Intel uses all of your Facebook info (your pictures, videos, statuses, likes) to generate a three-minute tour through a virtual museum exhibit outfitted with separate rooms that showcase different parts of your (Facebook) life. It’s kind of creepy — in part because of the wistful piano music that plays while you are being shown random pictures of yourself on white gallery walls and also because there are random virtual museum-goers who apparently came to see an exhibit about you. But mostly it’s creepy because it is a museum devoted to you and your Facebook account. Apparently, you are all a bunch of narcissists who aren’t totally embarrassed that you used the Museum of Me, because as of now there are over 1.3 million people who have liked Museum of Me on Facebook. That’s a big number that doesn’t even account for all of the people who have tried the app but didn’t like it on FB (like me). Will MoMe reach Elf Yourself viral sensation numbers? Only time will tell.


The Amazon for Drugs: You can now buy drugs, the kind that aren’t prescribed, safely online. That’s right, stuff like LSD and heroin, you can order it online thanks to a new super secure site. The site is called Silk Road, and it is very hard to get to unless you are tech savvy — it’s only accessible through the anonymizing network TOR. Furthermore, the only currency used on the site is Bitcoins, a “crypto-currency” that is supposedly untraceable, which is why buyers and sellers feel safe on the site, because their identities and actions are obscured and hidden. Also Silk Road, like eBay and Amazon, runs on a seller rating/review system so that it encourages legitimacy and customer satisfaction. So, yeah, before you buy some coke, read the seller’s profile and buyer feedback.  Happy tripping, rolling, tweaking, whatever the kids are calling it these days! Gawker

Weiner Woes: Looks like that may have actually been a pic of Anthony Weiner’s wiener (tee hee, wiener). Although he denies sending the infamous boxer pic or posting it, he couldn’t say that it wasn’t him in the picture. He also made some jokes that were in pretty poor taste, something about being stiff? Yikes. Good luck getting out of this one Wiener, I mean Weiner. MSN

Vile or Viral?: How do you feel about viral campaigns? Do you think they are ingenious marketing ploys, or sneaky and deceitful advertising? Here are nine viral videos that turned out to be ads. Watch and decide for yourself. Mashable

Tumblr of the Day: Wow, you should get this app Hidden for when your MacBook gets stolen, like this guy. Then you can have all these great pictures of the thief with your computer and start a blog. Good news! The police got his computer back. This Guy Has My MacBook

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