5 Reasons Programmatic Buying Is Sexy

I know, I know. Machines are cold and unyielding. And nothing sucks the air out of the room like the words “return on investment,” “algorithm” and “optimize.” But Kellogg is Bullish on Programmatic Buying, and in Digiday’s Sept. 19 Webinar, associate director of global digital strategy Bob Arnold will talk about how it improved ROI fivefold with programmatic buying. Until then, here are some other reasons why brands should consider getting into bed with programmatic buying.

1. It’s naked: Generally, the industry likes to use the word “transparent.” But think how many more deals would get made if we substituted the word “naked.”









2. You’re hot for teacher: By compiling data over the long term, brands can use programmatic buying to identify new objectives. For example, Kellogg found that customer demographics are more important to them than context, according to Arnold. Smart is sexy. But you knew that.







3. It reminds you of your single days: Programmatic has earned a bad reputation as the dumping ground for remnant inventory. Sounds like last call at the bar, doesn’t it? You and the other bidders are crammed in a tight space vying for the choicest piece of  available inventory. And, as usual, the biggest baller wins.







4. Computers don’t play games, baby: Sure, direct sellers press the flesh, but they also hedge their information to seal the deal. Programmatic would never lie to you, honey. Programmatic gives you all the data in real time so you can make your own, empowered decisions about where to place your creative. That’s just how Programmatic was raised.







5. You might wake up and not know where you are: Programmatic isn’t perfect. That buy you made during last call on Friday night? Turns out your ad didn’t so much insert into Maxim.com as it did into CatFancy.com. Whoops.







To hear Arnold’s thoughts on the matter and ask questions yourself about how a big brand sees the sector, sign up for the Digiday Webinar.


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