5 Awesome Chrome Experiments

In the spirit of creativity and innovation when it comes to open-source Web technology — that sexy Web-developer stuff like Javascript, Canvas and HTML5 — Google created Chrome Experiments, an online showcase of user-submitted Chrome browser experiments, games and artistic projects.

As of today there are 637 Chrome Experiments posted. We took some time go through and very unscientifically find some of the coolest ones. Check out these five awesome Chrome Experiments that are fun to look at, use and/or experience.

1. My Robot Nation

My Robot Nation is a Chrome Experiment that lets you customize your own little robot. For a price you can choose to make your robot come to life via 3D printing. It’s a pretty neat project and could make a cool gift or desk ornament.


2. World Wide Maze

World Wide Maze lets you connect your smartphone to your computer to turn any website into a marble maze game. With the endless number of websites on the Internet, you have tons and tons of levels to play. It’s hard to visualize without actually seeing how it works. Check out the video below.


3. Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown”

Popular indie band Arcade Fire came out with this experiment as a way to showcase their song “We Used to Wait.” It is an interactive video experience that asks users to enter in their home address of where they grew up to create a custom music video of sorts that pulls in Google Maps images of the address and ties it into the video.


4. Racer

Racer is a multiplayer mobile racing game. All you need is a smartphone and some friends. Just open up the Racer Chrome experiment on your phone and line up your phones with your friends and let the race begin.


5. Undulating Monkey

This has nothing to do with anything except for the great name and that it’s fun to look at. The creator was experimenting with vertex positions and normals in Javascript, whatever that means. Click on the image below to go to the actual undulating monkey.



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