Which Brand Vined it Best?

It’s time to get judgmental. Once again, we are going gossip-mag style and are pitting brands’ Vine efforts against each other for our own version of “Who Wore It Best.”

We asked two agency execs to weigh in on the competing brand Vine videos. Last time, Gap, Puma and Bolthouse Farms came out on top. Keep reading for this week’s Vine winners and losers.


Anonymous Exec A: I know social media for brands is supposed to be all about authenticity, but the homemade approach here feels wrong. A car this sexy deserves sexy in return. There is such a thing as keeping it too real – like, not taking 10 seconds to move to the side so people can’t see your reflection in the rear bumper as you shoot.

Anonymous Exec A: Zooey Deschanel is directing branded Vines now? This video is cute as a … um, bug. Everything about it is charming and well thought out, down to the sound. And it holds together thematically, which is no small feat given that Shark Week and VW aren’t a natural match.

The verdict
VW, top down.


Anonymous Exec A: I love cats! I want to help! Why aren’t you telling me how I can help the cats! Some simple instructions or a URL would have been nice. Better yet: Where can I learn more about, or even adopt, the cats I see here?

Dogs Trust
Anonymous Exec A: It’s a cute dog. A cute dog in an office. A cute dog in an office, and it REALLY likes toes. Seriously, watch your toes around this dog. Oh, by the way: What is Dogs Trust? What is its mission? Does it have something to do with toes? I’m not taking much away from this video.

The verdict
Can we teach dogs and cats to make their own Vines? Because as it is, they’re not being very well served by us humans. In the meantime, let’s call this a draw.


J.C. Penney
Anonymous Exec B: We needed this Vine to remind us that J.C. Penney is still open for business. And apparently they’re selling a bunch of stuff that you can use to ruin your kid’s school backpack. That ought to light up third-quarter sales.

Anonymous Exec B: We need to see this in slo-mo so that we can perfect that shadow technique and be the hit at the agency holiday party this year. Clearly, Target is practicing witchcraft because this Vine is mesmerizing.

The verdict
Target. People still shop there. They’ve demonstrated first-hand experience in shadow-puppet wizardry. You don’t mess with skills like that. Watch it again and impress your friends.


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