The Latest Horrible Brand Tweets

Brands are constantly trying to figure out creative ways to cut through the social noise. Look no further than Chipotle. The burrito chain lamely staged a Twitter hack this week, making it just the latest brand to add more noise than heat to the social space.

We at Digiday have taken it upon ourselves to monitor brand tweets so you don’t have to, chronicling an array of embarrassing social media tactics in the process. Here are the latest.

It’s always weird when a brand that doesn’t have a single individual associated with it tweets in the first person. The worse crime here, however, is a woefully failed attempt at humor.

Mr. Clean
Have you been huffing your own product, Mr. Clean? What does this have to do with cleanliness – and which weirdo fans are bringing you free lunch anyway?

Give us tickets to the “juicy all-star” game and then maybe we’ll suspend judgment on this non-sequitur. (Real talk, though: what constitutes a juicy home run? Asking for a friend.)

God I hope not.

Wheat Thins
Honestly dudes, we choose Triscuits.

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