The Businesses Using LinkedIn the Best

LinkedIn doesn’t have the cachet of social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but it’s big and very important for business-to-business marketers.

In fact, LinkedIn drives more traffic to Facebook pages than Google and Bing combined. Additionally, LinkedIn’s business-minded audience is attracting top companies that are looking to market themselves to potential employees and clients. Here are the best at doing it, as measured by social analytics firm TrackSocial.

1. IBM — 1.8 million interactions on LinkedIn in the last year
With 779,000 followers, IBM’s LinkedIn strategy is simple. The company uses the platform to let people know what’s going on within the organization, and it also posts articles from around the Web on IBM-relevant topics. For example, there’s an article on big data, something IBM is currently invested in. There’s plenty of interaction on the company’s page, with people commenting and even starting their own threads. It promotes its services under the products and services tab, where products like IBM Training and IBM Software are recommended by LinkedIn users.

2. Coca-Cola — 1.8 million interactions in the last year
Coca-Cola has 129,000 followers on LinkedIn. It also posts updates on what’s going on at the company, like IBM. All of the posts have plenty of interaction, with hundreds of comments, likes and shares. Its most recent post was an announcement on how Coke plans to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. There’s plenty on user-generated posts as well and those get plenty of interactions as well.

3. Hewlett-Packard — 1.7 million interactions in the last year
HP has 862,000 followers on LinkedIn. It posts articles from its own blog on LinkedIn and updates followers on new products and services. Its posts always ask a question, which can be answered by clicking through to a link provided. The posts get liked, shared and commented on consistently.

4. Hilton Worldwide — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
With 77,000 followers, Hilton uses LinkedIn to let people know what’s new at its hotels, like a new mattress-recycling program, which it recently announced on the platform. It posts videos from YouTube and press releases from its media relations site. It uses LinkedIn to tell people what Hilton is doing to be involved in the communities it’s in around the world. People are receptive to this information, with comments, likes and shares on nearly all of its posts.

5. Hyatt — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
Hyatt has 21,500 followers on LinkedIn, and it uses the platform to keep people in the know. Its most recent posts alert people of a new Hyatt coming to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Like the Hilton, it posts YouTube videos on LinkedIn. The videos are typically behind-the-scenes stuff, like the Hyatt Regency Jinan’s first anniversary celebration.

6. BMW — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
BMW has 49,000 followers on LinkedIn. Its focus there is primarily talent acquisition, with every post letting people know there’s a new job opening. It also includes relevant news from LinkedIn today, like the BMW Foundation’s recent philanthropic work in Munich.

7. Verizon — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
Verizon uses its Linkedin page to let its 78,000 followers know about corporate events going on at the company, like “Interview Day,” which is coming up Nov. 8, at Colorado State University.

8. Disney — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
Like BMW, Disney uses LinkedIn as a talent-acquisition platform, posting job openings non-stop. It has 126,000 followers to whom it announces new hires as well as other company news, like Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, which got 224 likes.

9. BBC — 1.6 million interactions in the last year
With 53,000 followers on LinkedIn, BBC is the only media company on this list. You’d think it posts its own content on LinkedIn, but instead it focuses less on marketing and more on giving people a view of what’s going on inside the organization. It posts new hires and also updates people on what’s happening with the BBC Future Media program.

10. Deloitte — 1.5 million interactions in the last year
Deloitte has 445,000 followers on LinkedIn. As a company that’s constantly putting out research, it uses LinkedIn to get people talking and participating in its surveys. A recent post asks people to share their thoughts on how social has impacted their organizations. People can click to take the survey. It also pushes its white papers through LinkedIn. For example, it’s latest one is on governing and managing risk as a general counsel.

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