The Agency Transformed

Today’s advertising agencies find themselves straddling two horses. On the left, they’re astride their legacy duties — rethinking clients’ brands, selling through campaigns and communicating with consumers. On the right, they’re keeping pace with digital innovation that barrels ever forward. They do all this while trying to keep clients in the fold, away from agency and in-house competitors. At our Digiday Agency Summit, Oct. 23-25 in Palm Beach, Fla., top names will discuss “The Agency Transformed” and the challenges and opportunities that are shaping agencies today. Can agencies create products? How much of media buying will become machine based? Attendees who gather at the Four Seasons Resort will hear answers to these questions and more. Some highlights:

▪ Sophie Kelly of The Barbarian Group and PepsiCo’s Brad Jakeman will discuss what modern creative partnerships will look like, drawing from their own work together to provide examples.
▪ Rockfish’s Kenny Tomlin and Karina Wilsher of Anomaly New York will debate whether or not agencies can truly build products.
▪ Mike Parker of McCann and Aaron Shapiro of Huge will talk about what agencies can learn about innovation from startups.

Digiday editors will quiz these esteemed speakers on the digital media transformation and ask them how they’ve kept up with the frenzied pace. You’ll eavesdrop on these insightful tete-a-tetes and enjoy an array of new formats designed to foster audience involvement, a welcome departure from the boring panels elsewhere.

We invite you to attend this two-and-a-half-day event where attendees will have a chance to ask their most pressing questions and get answers from major innovators. We hope to see you there. For more information, please visit the Digiday Agency Summit site.

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