With a new campaign aimed at millennials, Clarins is finally going big on digital

Barring the occasional banner ad or digital takeover, skincare brand Clarins has been conspicuously absent on digital. But with a campaign tailored around a new range of creams targeting older millennials, that’s changing.

“We never played in the digital space much, never pushed money behind it to the degree most marketers are doing today,” said Maria Bertorelli, vp of sales and marketing at Clarins USA. “Now, we’re not only spending exponentially more, but we are also being far more strategic.”

The change is evident in a new digital campaign called “Worth The Wrinkle” to promote Clarins’ new multi-active day and night creams aimed at women in their late 20s to early 30s. A whopping 80 percent of the campaign spending is going to digital.

“The new product targets older millennials, so that obviously informs media-buying behavior,” said Daniel Landers, communications planning supervisor at agency Maxus. “But what’s different is that it’s the first time where we’re buying around the idea and not the media.”

Maxus, a media agency, handled the media and ​​came up with the concept and strategy for the campaign. Instead of treating wrinkles as a bad thing, the campaign celebrates the moments in a woman’s life that are worth them — from conquering a fear to having a baby. The idea is that life will sometimes lead to a wrinkle or two, and that these are not flaws but badges of honor for a life well lived.

For the Facebook- and Instagram-focused campaign, Clarins is enlisting four top beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers to share their #WorthTheWrinkle moments through videos. In the first two, Brazilian makeup artist Camila Coelho shares what it takes to be an international fashion and beauty sensation. They’ve each received over 130,000 and 100,000 views, respectively.

Photographer, actor and lifestyle vlogger Maya Washington, fashion expert Chriselle Lim and fitness buff Carlie Butler will also produce two videos each, which will be released every two weeks until May. Fans are also being encouraged to share their #WorthTheWrinkle posts across social media. According to analytics firm Brandwatch, the hashtag has accumulated more than 1.3 million impressions, and the sentiment around it is 100 percent positive.

The campaign also includes a Facebook app that will scrub consumers’ photos and find moments that are “Worth The Wrinkle,” producing a video that they can share across social media. More than 20 influencers and bloggers will create and share their own videos. Beyond social, there will be television ads, OOH executions in New York, Boston, Miami and Chicago, an in-store partnership with Sephora​ and content partnerships with Cosmopolitan, Refinery29​, Clique and PopSugar.


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