Jagermeister turns to Snapchat for Halloween push

Jägermeister is upping its ad spending on Snapchat for its annual Halloween promotion.

Heather Kozera, vp of integrated marketing at Mast-Jägermeister, parent company to Jägermeister, said the liquor brand has doubled its spend on Snapchat: a monthlong AR ad Halloween campaign, which began running on Oct. 1 and goes to Oct. 30. The company now spends over $100,000 on Snapchat ads, Kozera said.

With Jägermeister’s AR campaign, called “Divine the Darke” and created by its digital AOR Firstborn, users swipe up on Snapchat ads that trigger AR Snapchat lens featuring tarot cards meant to reveal users’ “cocktail fate.” Users view these virtual tarot cards on any background surface and can tap on them to see fortunes like “Trust in your instincts and follow your gut,” along with a suggestion for how to drink Jägermeister (other than taking shots of it). Snapchat users can also access the experience through nine different Snapcodes found on Jägermeister products in bars and stores.

The Jägermeister tarot cards

“We really felt that that was the best platform to engage with our consumers in the moment,” said Kozera. “When our target millennial consumers are in bars, we know they’re on their mobile devices. We are joining them instead of crashing their party.”

As of Oct. 19, 18 days into the campaign, the AR ads and snapcodes have driven 32 million impressions, and of those impressions, 450,000 Snapchat users have swiped up into the lens experience. Then, of those who swiped up, 6,000 users have shared the experience, while 3,000 have saved it within Snapchat.

The campaign is a revert back to Snapchat after Jägermeister focused all of its Halloween efforts on Shazam last year with a campaign called “Shazam the Stag” where users unlocked virtual masks they could share. In 2016, Jägermeister started on its binger to own Halloween with content on Shazam and Snapchat filters. This year, the company has seen a swipe-up rate increase of 321 percent, as well as a 67 percent decrease in our cost per swipe-up, compared to the Shazam campaign last year, according to Kozera.

“We really felt like the capabilities and the advancements Snapchat has brought to their platform led us to bring a better experience to our target this year,” said Kozera.


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