Cars Against Humanity: Nissan taps popular millennial games for its latest social push

Nissan is driving its fans to distraction — literally.

The Japanese automaker has come out with a car-friendly card game as a part of its latest push for the 2016 Altima. Created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, the game is a mashup of popular millennial games including Truth or Dare and Cards Against Humanity.

Called “Altimatums,” the game has a deck of 100 cards with a range of prompts that attempt to bring some spontaneity to driving (and can be played in any make of car). It starts with the driver drawing a card from the “Destinations” deck, which can lead the group to anywhere from the nearest drive-thru to a public park.

The rest of the passengers then take turns to pick a card each from the “Altimatums” deck, performing the tasks on the cards — such as “Follow the next red car you see for 5 miles” or “Dashboard drum solo!”

Altimatums_Cards_1 (1)

“Our aim was to make the new Altima stand out in a category that is a little bit ho-hum,” said Rob Robinson, senior manager of social media marketing at Nissan North America. “What better way to do that then translate a fun, everyday idea that our audience can relate to?”

Nissan has been distributing the decks to fans via social, and there is also a PDF version available for fans to print and play. The game is part of Nissan’s broader social campaign called #SoNotMeh, through which it has been celebrating Altima drivers and their extraordinary everyday experiences by tagging bits of interesting and inspiring content across its social channels with the hashtag #SoNotMeh.

“‘Meh’ has become such an overused term in Internet slang that we wanted to turn it around and use ‘#SoNotMeh’ to spotlight all the things that are unusual and inspiring,” said Robinson.

This week, Nissan is also ramping up the campaign by roping in influencers to create some customized content around the car. This includes Youtube social influencer couples like Tiff & Case and Josh & Colleen Evans, who will be showing viewers how to be #SoNotMeh through their own daily adventures in the new 2016 Altima, sharing them across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

“Millennials are definitely a key target segment and we want to make sure they are aware that this is a brand new car and is dramatically different from what it was before,” said Robinson.

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