Campaign Beat: Samsung Bets on Video

Video is clearly a hot area for digital advertising. Samsung is trying its best to take a bite of Apple, leaning on video to do so. The New York Times is for the first time ever running video ads to push its digital subscriptions and Moslon Coors is using digital for its Coffrey’s brand for the first time. Read on to find out what else is going on in digital marketing this week.

Samsung Leans on Online Video Ads
Samsung Electronics launched a video advertising effort that focuses on the advantages of purchasing digital devices — smartphones, PCs and tablets — that have Samsung memory. The ads let consumers visualize humorous situations in which consumers are reaping the benefits having chosen electronic devices with memory components of high quality, high performance and low power consumption such as Samsung memory. During a time when Apple devices rule the world, Samsung is looking for ways to outshine its competition and highlighting memory is its way of doing this.

New York Times Woos Digital Subscribers with Video Ads
The New York TImes is relying on a digital video advertising effort to encourage people to pay for its online content. The video ads focus on Times content in politics, invention, creativity and relationships. This is the first time the company has used online video to advertise digital subscriptions. Ads will run online on New York Magazine, Gizmodo, Bloomberg, Salon and Comedy Central. This campaign shines light on the fact that publishers are struggling to convince people to pay for their online content.

Virgin Airlines Taps Digital to Push Short Film
Virgin Airlines’ “Virgin Skies” campaign includes digital media executions to distribute a short film that was created as the centerpiece of the campaign. Online banners and film snippets will appear on Hulu,, and elsewhere. Visitors to the larger campaign’s experiential website, can learn more about the independent film, the airlines’ route networks and the distinctive Virgin in-flight experience as well have the opportunity to score weekly giveaways. This campaign is indicative of the power of digital for distribution purposes. The reach and targeting online is what makes the channel extremely attractive to brands.

Molson Coors Launches First Digital Campaign for Coffrey’s Brand
Molson Coors’ first shot at digital for the Caffrey’s Irish ale brand with radio shows created for the Spotify platform, featuring redefined classic songs.users of Spotify’s free service will see and hear display ads, audio ads and homepage takeovers which will direct them to Caffrey’s campaign site. Here they can vote on their favorite “redefined” songs — whether they are covers, musical mash-ups, or samples. The most popular songs nominated will be featured on one of the “Caffrey’s Redefined Classics” radio shows. Cudos to Molson Coors for taking a shot at something like this. Instead of leaning on the more traditional digital channels, Molson is experimenting with Spotify.

New Vitrue Campaign Focuses on Love Over Likes
Vitrue, a social software provider, launched a new brand campaign that centers on a powerful statement, “Like Can Never Replace Love.” The “Love” campaign captures the philosophy that the world’s greatest brands aren’t built on clicks, but rather by creating meaningful relationships with real people. Vitrue’s brand strategy is supported by a global advertising campaign and includes digital, print and social media. Vitrue’s campaign is a fight against competitor Buddy Media, which has done a ton of advertising online and out of home.

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