Brands get sentimental for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day, which has not escaped the notice of brands.

But instead of tired clichés with dads owning the barbecue or hiding in their “man cave,” this year’s common theme is surprises and sentimentalism.

Here’s how they’re doing that:

The online retailer surprised a father of four (and “loyal Zappos customer”) with a day off. They actually sent him a giant box filled with employees to complete his to-do list that included washing the car, mowing the law and other mundane tasks. The act of kindness was caught on camera in a commercial called “Dad’s Day Off.”


The company’s men care line combed the Internet for home videos of guys being told they’re about to become fathers and stitched together a minute long ad. A spokesperson for Dove Men+Care told Mashable that the ad’s premise is “rooted in company research that showed the vast majority (82 percent) of men see fatherhood as an emotionally transformative experience,” which the ad aims to tap into.

Earlier this month, Uber released its first sappy television ad that shows a happy, utopian Uber-filled world. Well, for Father’s Day, it released a shorter version of it solely focusing on the father in it. Uber tweeted it out, but it didn’t take long before someone had complained.

google doodle
It wouldn’t be a proper holiday without a Google doodle. Adorned on its homepage across the world, the animation celebrates the “universality of familial love.” We’ll give them this one, it’s pretty cute.

Everybody poops — even dads (especially dads?). That message comes through loud and clear in an amusing video that the toilet paper company tweeted out personifying common pooping euphemisms (such as, dropping kids off at the pool) in this cringe-worthy ad. It’s par for the course of them, but it’s not something we’d like to think of on dad’s special day.

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