Apple, Google are the world’s most valuable brands, report says

Six of the ten most valuable brands are tech companies according to a new report.

Interbrand, a consultancy agency, released its annual report of the world’s most valuable brands Monday with Apple and Google topping the list for the third consecutive year.

Apple earned its first place spot because if its skyrocketing value, up 43 percent over last year to an estimated worth of $170 billion. Google, placing second with $120 billion valuation, which is an increase of 12 percent.

The other four companies placing in the top ten were Microsoft ($67 billion, up 11 percent), IBM ($65 billion, down 10 percent), Samsung ($45 billion, unchanged) and Amazon, which cracked the top ten for the first time, with $38 billion, up 29 percent.

For platforms, Facebook moved up six places to 23, with a 54 percent increase in value to $22 billion. Publishers Thomson Reuters and Discovery both placed in 63rd and 64th place, respectively. The latter gained 6 percent in value to $6.6 billion, while the former dipped 12 percent to $6.5 billion.

Of note, Volkswagen fell four places to 35th place with a 9 percent loss in value to $12.5 billion. The data was compiled before the German auto manufacturer admitted to selling millions of cars equipped with devices that cheat on emission tests, so this will likely have an impact on its ratings next year.

Interbrand decides the rankings and valuations using several factors, including brands’ revenue, how big of a role it plays in a consumer’s life and brand loyalty.

Compared to just five years ago when Coca-Cola placed in first, there’s been a major shift toward technology companies becoming more prominent and important in people’s lives. In fact, 28 of the top 100 companies on the list are technology brands, making it the most dominant sector on the list.

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