5 Brands That Get Pinterest

Brands are still trying to figure out Pinterest. That’s no secret. The numbers on Pinterest are really low, with global brands like Coca-Cola having just 1,200 followers. The majority of brands are pushing products through Pinterest, in an obvious effort to boost sales. But we’ve all learned with the onset of social media that the best type of marketing is the kind that does not feel like marketing at all.

Without considering the number of followers or how much activity is taking place, Digiday set out to find brands that get Pinterest. We were looking at what types of content brands were pinning and the kinds of boards they created. There are a select few that seem to have it all figured out. Here are some fun brand Pinterest pages that we just can’t get enough of.

11 boards
422 pins

From nail color to lipstick shades, Sephora’s Pinterest is obviously for the makeup-obsessed. It is meant to bring the seasons colors and styles to those who are looking to update their makeup collection. It does push products, but it does it in a way that isn’t a turnoff for consumers. Consumers can find out the summer styles that are hot this season and can even attempt to get the look themselves via how-to photographs. The boards are actually useful.

Land’s End
16 boards
336 pins

The Land’s End Pinterest presence is updated daily, with the brand pinning its own merchandise but also pinning photos of things that reflect the Land’s End lifestyle. We like this Pinterest profile because it does push products, but there’s also a lightness there, with pictures of sand castles and mermaids and other images that fit in nice with the Land’s End image. It is kept up to date, with one board meant to help inspire people on what to get their dads for Father’s Day. While this board does push Land’s End products, it is also useful in giving consumers ideas for the perfect gift.

5 boards
91 pins

The Coca-Cola Pinterest page is all about discovering moments of happiness. Coke is really keeping to the theme here, without shoving product down people’s throats. One of the boards, “Keep Discovering,” shows pictures of people reading out in the woods, a man playing hide and seek and a boy making a discovery in a box. The pictures evoke a certain type of emotion when you look at them, which is likely what Coke intended here.

21 boards
500 pins

Gap pushes products via Pinterest, but it also has some interesting boards that are meant to inspire people to take advantage of the summer months. “How To Picnic” is one, with photos from picnics. There are recommendations on what to wear to a picnic, what food to bring, what beverages to serve and photos with picnic blankets on green grass. It’s inspirational as well as promotional. But the promotional aspect is so subtle that it does not feel like advertising at all. It feels more like Gap is trying to help, through images, and inspire.

28 boards
852 pins

Macy’s Pinterest is also meant to inspire. The company focuses its pins and boards around the hottest fashion trends. “The Magic of Summer” board pushes products but also pins photos of vacation spots, beaches and such. From makeup, to nail polish and wedding gifts, there are many products being pushed here. Our favorite board, “The Magic of Timeless Style,” includes photos of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton. It depicts outfits that may not be available at Macy’s but inspire a certain style. It’s very inspirational and does not push products. It’s different than how most retailers use Pinterest.


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