15 Stats You Need to Know About Vine and Instagram Video

More and more brands are trying out Vine and Instagram video — like, for example, Airbnb’s recent “Hollywood & Vine” crowdsourced Vine film campaign, and the Instagram-only trailer for the Steve Jobs movie.

The trend is unlikely to sputter out any time soon. So brands would do well to study these 15 interesting stats about  mobile video, how people are using Vine and Instagram, and what kinds of results people are seeing with these different mobile video platforms:

Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2017. (Neomobile)

Mobile makes up more than 25 percent of YouTube’s global watch time. (YouTube)

Five tweets per second contain a Vine link. (7th Chamber)

A branded Vine video is four-times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video. (7th Chamber)

Instagram has about 130 million users, compared to Vine’s 13 million users. (Neomobile)

The first day of Honda’s #WantNewCar Vine campaign brought the car brand 1,020 new followers (compared to its six-month average of 242 new followers) and 2,292 mentions. (Socialbakers)

From June 19 to July 19, Vine videos got .0206 percent average engagement rate and an average of 20 retweets, while Instagram videos got .0111 percent average engagement rate and an average of 7 retweets. (Luce Performance Group)

10am – 11 am is the hour of the day the most Vines are posted. (Buzzfork)

On April 15 this year, the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, a record 19,667 Vines were made. (Buzzfork)

Three of the five most retweeted Vines ever made were created by musicians. (Buzzfork)

Two-thirds of the world’s top 100 brands were already on Instagram before it introduced video. (Simply Measured)

Since the launch of Instagram video, there has been a 37 percent increase in Instagram shares on Twitter. (Buzzfork)

Instagram videos are creating two-times more engagement than Instagram photos. (Simply Measured)

Lululemon, one of the first brands to use Instagram video, gets about seven-times as many comments on its Instagram videos as it does on its photos. (Simply Measured)

Of the brands on Instagram, 62 percent have shared at least one Instagram video. (Nitrogram)

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