Digiday Media events health and safety protocols

At Digiday Media events, the health and safety of attendees is our top priority. While they will vary slightly from event to event, here’s some of what you can expect for our upcoming events:

We encourage masks to be worn indoors.
We’ll hold as many functions outdoors as possible. While it will vary slightly depending on the venue, look for outdoor 8-Minute Meetings, meals, working groups and networking functions.
There will be a cap on the number of registrants. Each Digiday Media event will be limited to a safe number of attendees that will vary depending on the venue.
If you are sick please stay home. If you feel sick, have a fever, or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you make your health and the health of others a priority by staying home. We look forward to seeing you at another event when you’re feeling better.
If you have been exposed to somebody that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 5 days, please arrange to be tested prior to attending the event.