Advertisers: Get what you want this holiday shopping season

For strategies on how to maximize holiday engagement — and drive more sales — download How to Use Digital Video to Make Your Holiday Business Boom.

Only 28 days separate Thanksgiving and Christmas this year — it’s yet another short shopping season. Which means brands and retailers don’t have much time to meet those monster sales goals. Advertisers need to take advantage of every moment to capture the attention of holiday shoppers, especially if video is part of your strategy.

It’s not just about competing with your competition. To be sure, consumers are bombarded with more marketing messages on a daily basis than ever before. But with the ritualistic rerunning of the Grinch, Rudolph and all those Tim Allen movies — not to mention a certain Christmas Story marathon — video ads must first compete with a deluge of native content.

Forget about wishing for a white Christmas — marketers need robust holiday sales to be in the black for 2014. Here’s how to get started.

Be ready to compete

Industry watchdogs expect holiday spending to be as strong, if not stronger, than last year’s, where e-commerce alone was a $46 billion economic force. With such a huge pile of receipts at stake, your competition is more than happy to pounce on your prospects.

To yield results — during the crucial fourth quarter, but also in the long term — campaigners must balance scale, precision, personalization and content. Fortunately, video is the one marketing channel that optimizes each of these dimensions to drive sustainable value. It is the most direct way to ensure that audiences engage with your message, and therefore provides the greatest opportunity to compete for those holiday dollars.

Craft compelling, timeless content

No matter which channels you’re planning to leverage, you must engage with audiences through content that’s unique, heartfelt, funny or daring — preferably, all of the above.

Conventional wisdom dictates that holiday campaigns must be built on holiday themes. But when it comes to video ads, we’ve found that the best content is timeless and keeps audiences engaged over the long term.

This season, why not ride the holiday wave without creating content that expires on January 1st? We recommend strong narratives that resonate with the spirit of the holidays: giving, spending time with family, warmth, an end-of-year burst of energy, great food and, of course, shopping.

There’s nothing wrong with holding onto that holiday glow all year ’round.

Put your message on their screens

As everyone spends more time tethered to their smartphones and tablets, digital video has become a critical difference-maker for marketers. Because of the targetable, trackable and shareable nature of digital video, major brands are incorporating it into their media plans.

Reaching consumers with video at scale was once the sole territory of television. That’s no longer the case. The smartest brands are using digital video to bolster and extend existing mass media ad campaigns. Advertisers can now leverage digital video to reach their target customers — and in ways that allow for optimization TV simply can’t match.

The time to act is now

A successful holiday video strategy extends beyond the content you produce and how many times viewers watch those videos. If you create compelling content across multiple channels — and then measure results and adapt immediately — you can generate 20 to 60 percent more views on top of your paid video distribution views.

For more strategies on how to maximize holiday engagement — and drive more sales — download Adknowledge’s free eBook, How to Use Digital Video to Make Your Holiday Business Boom. In it, you’ll find new techniques and best practices to further drive profits from your holiday spend, while also gathering intelligence for your 2015 campaigns.



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