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However, Fitzco’s research “has consistently shown that environmental issues and sustainability are important topics to younger skewing audiences. The focus on social, along with visual representation of data, aligns with the type of content a younger audience consumes,” she said.

Joyce, on the other hand, said interest in sustainability content from advertisers and consumers “has undeniably trended upwards through 2022.”

However, it remains an increasingly competitive space — to draw both readers’ and advertisers’ attention. Publishers from The New York Times to The 19th have hired for this beat in the past year. Publishers like the FT and Bloomberg have hubs dedicated to climate and sustainability coverage as well.

Marketers are looking for three things when determining where to spend around this category, Joyce said. Among them include higher-income audiences, since “consumer interest in sustainability tends to increase with affluence” and quality content, as “a number of publishers prioritize quantity over quality over the past few years and that was disappointing.”


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